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The Spectacular Snapshot That Jorge Martín Looks for Every Friday in Montmeló

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Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit. “I know people are really expecting me to do it every year. And I have to look for that part of having a good time.” Jorge Martín, the leader of the MotoGP World Championship , accomplished this Friday something that could almost be said to have become a tradition at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit : he goes out to the first session, does a few laps to check that everything is in order. his place, and before starting to work and setting up his bike, thinking about the weekend, he leaves one of the images of each season in turn 5 of the Catalan track, riding a little less than 50 kilometers per hour, with an inclination of about 57 degrees .

“I was looking forward to going out and doing it. In the second round I was already touching with my shoulder, and a little more than last year.” Because he begins to lean and, instead of moving his left shoulder inward to avoid losing time, as he does later in the fast lap attempts, he takes it to its maximum, to leave a spectacular snapshot in which he seems almost to be lying on the ground. asphalt, with his head very close to the piano . A photo that looks as soon as the session ends, and a video that televisions never tire of repeating in slow motion. Because, yes, MotoGP riders, the fastest on two wheels on the planet, also have time to think about these types of things.

The Spectacular Snapshot That Jorge Martín Looks for Every Friday in Montmeló.

“In the end it’s posturing, what we say ,” he confessed to us, laughing at this sought-after moment. “Last year I played and I didn’t notice it, it was more with my arm; but this year I played with my shoulder, and I could hear the little noise of the monkey rubbing against the ground ,” he acknowledged, a monkey that leaves its mark every year, and that You have to go through the repair shop of their brand, Alpinestars, which has a service on the circuits in which they can make this type of minor repairs, based on some paints. “The truth is that it was a beautiful image.”

“You lose a bit of time, it’s clear, but in those first laps of the day it doesn’t matter. Because leaning on your shoulder slows you down. Although in a few years we could end up like this… It’s funny that the other drivers don’t do it, because I do it. I see it super easy. Anyway, I already have the photo of the year .” Because Martín can tell that he enjoys this moment, regardless of how he may have ended the first day in Montmeló, which in his case ended up being quite positive. The Prima Pramac rider finished sixth, behind the Aprilia of Aleix Espargaró , the KTM of Brad Binder and Jack Miller, the GasGas of Pedro Acosta and Pecco Bagnaia, the second overall (he was fourth), although more satisfied with the pace than with what he did on his fastest lap.

“I’ve done a great job,” he told us with a smile from ear to ear and giving the impression of being very relaxed. “We have tried different bikes and we haven’t had the best attempt at a fast lap, I didn’t have all the confidence, but because I was on a very different bike than the one I usually ride. But in terms of pace I think I’m one of the strongest, I’ve tested the soft and the medium, I have been the only one to test the two very used rubbers . Some sensations, those of long distance, that allow him to trust that, at this point, he has managed to close the distance with respect to the fastest, Espargaró, if we take the reference of 2023, when the Aprilia rider started on Friday two steps above others.

“We are looking for what we were missing last year to close the distance with the Aprilia, and I think we have found it ,” he pointed out to Relevo’s question about the day’s tests. “I have found myself very fast in terms of pace, it is a bike that helps me a lot to turn, but perhaps I am not transferring the weight that I would like to the rear to make meters. But I turn much better, which is what the Last year I lost with the Aprilia. So we have to continue giving this bike a little time, that’s also why when I pushed in the ‘time attack’ I didn’t feel like it was my bike, and I couldn’t push 100% . that tomorrow I can make a big step .”

So the first overall was able to finish the opening day (on the track) of this grand prix with a double smile. The important one, the one that gave him the sensations on his motorcycle with the changes made and thinking about prolonging his moment, although this is not a circuit in which his motorcycle is as dominant as in others. And the most inconsequential, although sought after, is that of having come out again with that photo that he was looking for at the beginning of Friday and that he will have been able to share one more year on his social networks. “You have to look for that part of having a good time, and that’s what touching on your shoulder is all about, doing a wheelie when training is over. It’s important so that it’s not just work and enjoying MotoGP.”

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