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Real – Bayern 2:1, the Visitors Led. Joselu Scored a Double for the Home Side in the Final

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It already seemed that Bayern Munich would be closer to the fight for the trophy. He was still in the lead a moment before the end, but then within three minutes he lost all hope of overtime. A two-goal substitute joker from Joselu at the start of the final set shot Real Madrid’s Champions League final. Thanks to his turn, the home team defeated their opponent 2:1 after an initial draw of 2:2.
In the final on June 1 at Wembley, they will play another German team, Borussia Dortmund, who knocked out Paris St. on Tuesday night. Germain after two victories 1:0 .

The Madrid record holder of the competition can thus confirm a successful season after winning the Spanish title at the weekend. He advanced to the finals for the 18th time, in which he will want to improve his record of 14 overall triumphs.

At the modernized Santiago Bernabéu stadium, however, things looked completely different for a long time. The opening goal was scored by the twenty-three-year-old Canadian Davies, who was replacing the injured Gnabry in the first half, from a quick counterattack. In the game, he was mainly active at the back, during one of his offensive forays he did flawlessly. At the goal, he got stuck on the right and aimed sharply at the back post for the goalkeeper Lunin.

Vinicius Jr. from Real tries to find teammates under siege from rivals from Bayern.

Although the home team immediately got the ball behind the back of goalkeeper Neuer, who had already made several impressive saves, their initial joy was overturned by the referee after watching the video footage.

And so Real had to wait a little longer. More precisely, on the 81st minute, when Joselu entered the game.

And in seven minutes he was happy for the first time. It was the visiting goalkeeper who was at fault, whom Joselu beat at close range and raced to rejoice at the corner flag. Before long, he was cheering again, this time when Rüdiger presented him with the ball for a stoppage in front of a completely empty goal.

Vinicius, the messenger of God. He is not ashamed to cry in front of people, but he prefers goals

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But it was investigated again, the referees kept the home fans on their nerves for a long time, it was a tight situation. In the end, however, the packed stand erupted with enthusiasm. But he waited for the final confirmation of the procedure. It took a long fifteen minutes before the euphoria was in full swing.

And in the end, the guests made waves in the net, but just before the shot, the assistant referee Tomasz Listkiewicz raised the flag, to which not only the head referee Szymon Marciniak reacted, but especially the goalkeeper Lunin, who did not intervene at all after the whistle.

The linesman’s decision was somewhat contrary to the current trend, where disputed situations are allowed to play out and are awaited for video confirmation. Anyway, that didn’t happen and the home sovereigns of the millionaire competition will play for another trophy.

Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer makes a save against Real.

In the end, however, the procedure was not so simple. After the first half, in which they hit the post and Neuer twice picked up big tuts, the second half went with a completely different set-up.

The game opened and the tactical blanket disappeared. Dangerous actions were seen on both sides. Both Davies and Kane threatened, but Lunin didn’t have a very difficult job. On the other hand, Neuer really sweated when he eliminated Rodrygo’s free kick attempt that flew to the far post. He reacted well even when Vinícius wanted to surprise him with a sharp blow under the crossbar.

The 38-year-old experienced matador, who returned to the season after breaking his lower leg, held the visitors. It even looked like he was going to be the hero when Bayern kept a slim lead thanks to him.

Unfortunately, in the end, he was the one who made an individual mistake, failed to keep the shot and started the home turnover, leaving the scorer Josel to stand out on the other side.

“The ball didn’t bounce the way I expected. Instead of my chest, it ended up on the lower part of my neck. Then it was difficult to get him under control,” the experienced goalkeeper regretted.

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