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Kroos Covered His Face and Cried When Saying Goodbye to Real Madrid at the Bernabeu

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Real has won La Liga since round 34 , so the results of the last four rounds are no longer important and coach Ancelotti often only lets reserve players play, keeping them for the Champions League final with Dortmund next weekend.

However, fans still packed the Bernabeu stadium yesterday when Real played the closing match of the season in round 38, taking on Betis, because this was also Toni Kroos’s last match on this field.

The German midfielder announced his retirement after Euro 2024, ending a 17-year career, including the last 10 years serving Real.

In the Bernabeu stands, Real fans paid tribute to Kroos with a large banner bearing the image of the German midfielder and the 22 titles won with Real with the content “Thank you Legend”.

Tribute to Kroos Before Retirement.

Real players and Betis players lined up to applaud Kroos when he wore the captain’s armband and entered the field last before kickoff.

Real players all wear shirt number 8 – Kroos’ shirt number, paying tribute to his German teammate who is about to retire.

Kroos was recruited by Real for about 30 million USD in the summer of 2014. In the past 10 years, he scored 28 goals in 464 matches, won 4 La Liga, 1 King’s Cup, 4 Spanish Super Cups, 4 Champions League, 4 Super Cups. European Cup, 5 FIFA Club World Cups.

Kroos hugged

Kroos waved goodbye and was emotional when the whole Bernabeu stadium chanted his name. The German midfielder affirmed that he had thought carefully about retiring when he was at the peak of his performance, because he did not want to decline later, become a burden for the team, and a disappointment in the hearts of fans. Coach Ancelotti, at the pre-match press conference, said he met privately to persuade Kroos to delay his retirement, but was not unsuccessful because of his student’s determination.

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In the closing match of the domestic season, coach Ancelotti launched his strongest squad. But because both teams had exhausted their goals, the match was balanced and ended with a score of 0-0. Real also played moderately, keeping their legs for the Champions League final on June 2. The Bernabeu mainly paid attention to every ball with Kroos in the 85 minutes he was on the field.

In the 85th minute, Kroos shed tears as he left the field to make way for Dani Ceballos and received applause from the fans. The match was paused for a few minutes for the 34-year-old midfielder to hug each teammate, as well as Carlos Ancelotti and members of the coaching staff. He also hugged three people who were still crying in the yard.

On the way off the field, the German midfielder put his hand on his chest and had tears in his eyes as he waved to the Bernabeu audience, then covered his face and cried when his emotions broke out as he returned to his seat and passed by the audience who were continuously clapping and calling his name.

After the match, coach Carlo Ancelotti praised Kroos as one of the greatest midfielders in history with great qualities, humility, very little ego and always playing for the team.

After the match, Kroos, his wife and three children stayed at the Bernabeu to enjoy the atmosphere one last time in La Liga. Fans also chanted Kroos’ name for nearly 30 minutes.

After the match, his teammates applauded Kroos for his last appearance at the Bernabeu as a player.

“It’s not easy to speak with these feelings, and I can only say thank you,” Kroos said. “With all the fans, with my teammates and with this stadium, I always felt at home. It felt different knowing this was the last match. But I told myself that I wanted to enjoy it and I did To be able to do that in these 85 minutes, as I always do when I play here, is very special.”

Kroos led his three children around the Bernabeu stadium to say goodbye to Real fans. He called his time with Real “10 unforgettable years”, and felt “couldn’t ask for anything more” with the experiences with the team, the fans as well as the massive collection of 22 titles. .

Kroos will have the opportunity to lift the 23rd Cup with Real, if he wins against Dortmund in the Champions League final at Wembley on June 2.

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