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A 15-minute Training Plan Designed to Gain Muscle Mass

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There are very complete exercises that, if performed in a short period of time, can help to gain muscle mass . In fact, doing a combination of exercises for a certain amount of time helps not only gain muscle mass, but also burn that excess fat.

That is why we have selected four exercises, of which you should do the rounds that allow you time, for 15 minutes. Remember to rest for 30-40 seconds when you finish the round and before starting the next one.

15-minute Training Plan Designed to Gain Muscle Mass.

1. Olympic Bar Thrusters.

It is very important that you have thoroughly internalized the technique of this exercise, since if this is not the case you can hurt yourself a lot. If this is your first time doing this exercise, we recommend that you start with a light weight.

As you acquire technique you can increase the load and thus increase the level of difficulty of this type of exercise, which is very complete. The ideal is to do 15 repetitions.

2. Swing Squat or Swing with Kettlebell Squat.

It is a combined exercise, where the swing movement and the squat are combined, working the entire body. The weight of the kettlebell also depends on the level of technique you have and what you can handle.

First try to learn the technique correctly, squeezing your abdomen and glutes well and trying not to arch your lower back too much , and little by little you can increase the weight of the kettlebell. The ideal is to do between 20-30 repetitions.

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3. The Clean.

Very similar to the Thrusters but starting in a deadlift position and ending by loading the bar with the palms of the hand facing cranially.

The technique of this exercise is really complex, so we recommend that you do it with little weight and slowly if it is your first time doing it . Additionally, when it is finished, it can be combined with a front squat or front squat to make the exercise more complete.

This type of exercise involves many muscle groups, making it an excellent exercise that will help you gain strength and muscle mass. In this exercise it is enough if we do 15 repetitions.

4. Mountain Climbers.

A very complete exercise to work the entire core and to increase your cardiorespiratory capacity. It is an exercise that requires explosiveness and speed. 

The ideal is to do 40 repetitions on each leg or 20 repetitions on both , so that the exercise is really effective and generates a feeling of controlled fatigue.

Bottom Line.

A 15-minute training plan tailored for muscle mass gain can be a practical and efficient approach for those with time constraints or beginners easing into fitness. By focusing on compound movements targeting major muscle groups, incorporating progressive overload, and ensuring adequate rest and recovery, significant gains in muscle mass can be achieved despite the limited time investment.

Consistency and proper form remain key, alongside a balanced diet supporting muscle growth. While longer workouts offer more comprehensive training, a concise 15-minute regimen can still yield noticeable results when executed with dedication and discipline.

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