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Hugo Moura Becomes a Starter at Vasco and Praises the Team’s Unity

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Having provided the assist for Lucas Piton’s goal this Wednesday, in Vasco’s 2-0 victory over Corinthians, midfielder Hugo Moura praised the resilience of Vasco’s squad and his own in a press conference. The midfielder made his fifth consecutive start in the team.

Hugo Moura Becomes a Starter at Vasco and Praises the Team’s Unity.

— In difficult times, we need resilience, to be close to the people we love. I’m talking about my incident against Athletico (being sent off), it hurt a lot after that game. It was a former club of mine. I never wanted to do that, ever. It was difficult, I had resilience. The group embraced me like they embraced Praxedes, who is a star, and Léo Pelé, who was always on our backs a few days ago. We know that one day we’re going to make a mistake. But we have to be resilient to get to the next day and give our best. We know how difficult it is to play for Vasco, the pressure — said Hugo.

The midfielder also valued the unity in the squad, led by Rafael Paiva. The midfielder returns to the field for Vasco on the 17th, when the Cruz-Maltino goes to Goiânia to face Atlético-GO.

– I’m very happy at Vasco, I have to congratulate the group. When things are going well, we close ourselves off, we have meetings and support each other. We spend more time with each other than with our family. We’ve become a family, I have great friends here and it will be like that for the rest of the season.

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