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Do You Warm Up Your Mind?

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We all know that warming up is a fundamental aspect of any athlete’s training routine . It allows you to prepare your muscles, your heart, your breathing and other responses to reach your maximum potential. Because no one goes from zero to one hundred all at once. It wouldn’t be healthy. Warming up is part of adaptation and injury prevention.

Each sporting discipline has its specific way of warming up depending on the demand and type of sporting activity. But do you also mentally prepare for your training session? Most athletes, both professional and popular, do not do this.

If you only warm up physically before starting your activity, you are not mentally prepared to train. That moment requires a mental routine so that, when you shoot your first ball, run your first series or hit your first drive, you are one hundred percent.

Do You Warm Up Your Mind?

Heating emotions and thoughts also has its advantages. Which are as follows:

Boosts Concentration.

Have you not noticed that when you start reading, studying or working, the moment you start your concentration is less than after about twenty minutes?

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  • It is because the concentration requires a heating phase. That is why it is not advisable to start studying with the most difficult subject. The same happens in sports.
  • If you want to be 100% focused on your first rondo or your first set, you need to do exercises that get you into the training before you start it.
  • You can practice for this with meditation techniques. It’s about spending a few minutes focusing your attention on the here and now, stopping paying attention to what remains.

Improve Technique and Learning.

  • Guided imagination or visualization techniques allow your brain to visualize and anticipate what you want to achieve in the training session.
  • You can visualize the entire session, with the changes in rhythm, with what you are going to say, or you can visualize very specific moments, such as the stride technique that you want to perfect or the volley.
  • Visualizing allows you to have mental images that prepare the brain for the occasion.
  • The brain does not distinguish between what you visualize and what you execute, for it it is the same experience and in both, it connects the brain circuits that lead you to execute that exercise.
  • So every time you successfully visualize, you go deeper into automating that activity.
  • Visualization motivates and promotes learning.

Increase Motivation.

  • Going out to train requires having a clear training plan in your head.
  • Know the difficulty, the times, the breaks, the level of success you want to obtain.
  • Before training, get into the routine of writing down what you want to achieve today in your training session, but not in terms of the result, but in terms of performance.
  • What do you have to do, in how much time, in what way?
  • And when you finish your training session, assess whether you have achieved what you set out to do. If not, you could write down what the improvement solutions will be for the next session.

Don’t think about beating yourself up if you don’t get it! Being focused on what you want to do motivates.

fiqo desk

You Gain Confidence and Security.

  • Having a mental routine allows you to carry out all the guidelines we have talked about: writing objectives, visualizing, motivating yourself and this prepares us to train.
  • The moment you start your psychological warm-up routine, your brain knows that the next step is to train.
  • It gives us security to have a mental plan of what we are going to execute.

You Manage Your Emotions and Your Rhythms.

  • There are times when we face long, hard or boring workouts.
  • When faced with this type of training, we tend to develop negative thoughts, “ Ugh, what a bummer,” “It’s going to take forever. ”
  • But if before training you work on self-talk, that is, your inner game, what you say to yourself, and choose motivating expressions and words, the harshness of the training will not disappear, but you will modify your mood. .
  • Since you have to do it, it will always be better from ambition, positivity and enjoyment.
Bottom Line.

Don’t underestimate the energy of warming up your mind. Just like warming up your frame before physical hobby, getting ready your thoughts sets the degree for top performance. So, take a moment to interact in sports like meditation, mindfulness sports, or even puzzles to get your mental gears turning. By giving your thoughts the nice and cozy-up it desires, you’ll be geared up to address some thing challenges come your manner with readability and focus.

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